Sunday, October 26, 2014

All for a piano

We had some special visitors stop by for a few days in April.  Mom, Dad, and GREAT GRAMS!  I was so excited that my Grandma decided to join them and that I was able to have her see my home.  
The boys were obviously very excited too!

So why the short visit you ask?  We had been talking awhile ago that we wanted a piano. My grandma and mom had wanted to keep our old piano in the family, so we gladly claimed dibs on it. So they were awesome enough to rent a little Uhaul trailer and drive half way across the country to deliver it.   Now to get our boys to take lessons and learn to play it.  

We enjoyed our visit, although I felt like it was much too short.  The one place I wanted to take them was a breakfast at our favorite swedish pancake house (Stockholm Inn).  

Justin thought it was funny that this was the one place I wanted to go, until I found this sign....  see?!  I knew it was a good choice! ;)


The month of April was full of Easter "egg"citement ;)  First we had the ward Easter activity, which included a visit from the E-bunny and an egg hunt.  Oh what fun!


Jackson had a day off of school and we found another Easter Egg hunt at the local retirement home.  I was shocked Greyson let the Easter Bunny hold him!


Dying and Coloring Eggs


The Easter Bunny found my little bunnies on Easter Morning.  What a good little rabbit!

My little lads looking dapper this Sunday morning in their new Easter ties.  (yes, this is the best picture I could get.  Eh, what do ya do?!?) 

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I decided a visit to Idaho was way overdo.  I realized the last time that the kids had been in IF (Since we normally go to Jackson) Jonah was about 18 months old.  It was time...  So in March for Jackson Spring Break me and the three boys flew "home" for a week.  

I was nervous flying alone with all three boys and a big ol' preggo belly, so I recruited Donna to fly with me so she could visit her parents.  It was sooo helpful having her there and can't thank her enough.  Unfortunately we didn't coordinate it to fly home and I had to do that solo.  I was surprisingly pleased with how well it went that day (even with our 4 hour delay in Denver).  Greyson didn't sleep the entire day, but seriously, my kids rocked!  

We flew into SLC, so we spent the evening with Great Grandma and Grandpa Stevens.  It was so wonderful to see them.  

The first day I was bragging to Justin how amazing the weather was.  We were in the 60's and Belvidere was in the 20's!!  We spent the afternoon hanging out outside in the perfect Spring Break weather.  

The boys got to spend some time with cousin Melaina.  So fun that when we go "home" we get to spend time with Lane's family too!  Melaina and Jonah had somewhat of a love/hate relationship going on at times! ;)  But over all they were so cute together!  Aunt Whitney even babysat the boys for a while one afternoon so Mom and I could do some shopping.  Aunt Whit is the best!  She did crafts with them and made cupcakes... doesn't get better!

A day later we said goodbye to that beautiful Spring Break weather and woke up to this!  SERIOUSLY?!?  Justin was the one bragging then.  

So we enjoyed some snuggles on the couch watching Frozen with Grandma.

Greyson found some favorite places to play too...

While there I made it a priority to visit with some of my Idaho Peeps.  
Including Great Grandpa Purcell

Some high school besties: Emily and Heidi.  

The boys became quick friends with Emily's little girl Mary.  Such a cute picture! :)

And Hunka (Uncle) Jordan.  He was nice enough to stop by after a long day of rotation at the IF hospital.

The weekend came at the Boise Blakes came to visit!!  It was full of cousin fun!!

Amy and I had to compare baby bumps.  Same due date!!  

Saturday we drove to Pocatello and spent the day swimming at Hiesee Hot Springs.  It was so fun! 

Saying goodbye at the airport is always the hardest part :(

We LOVED our Idaho time.  We love and miss our family!  

Sunday, September 28, 2014

March Madness

March included:

A spontaneous evening trip to fro-yo.  Or as the boys call it, "The ice cream shop"

Jackson's basketball season.  Loving sports as always.

A new sledding hill at a near by town.  The hill had a sign that day that said it was "closed due to dangerous sledding conditions"  We found a number to call and they told us to go ahead and sled at our own risk, but that it was basically a sheet of ice.  It was.  No one got hurt.  We are good parents.  ;)

Greysons still not a fan of this snow stuff.

Hangin' with cousins Norah and Mollie.  Jojo and Norah wanted to do a sibling swap.

Baking and frosting green cookies with mom for St. Patricks Day.

And then there is this cutie!  He's getting way to big for his britches and doing all sorts of big boy things.  I walked around the corner to him sitting up on this chair and looking at a book all by himself!  He also started making the most amazing kissing face and gives the worlds best kisses!!