Sunday, April 6, 2014

Christmas 2013

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things!  I love all the soft lights and the magical, cozy feeling it gives the house.  Here we are decorating the tree--my favorite!

Mr. Muggins (our family elf) came and caused all sorts of giggles and shenanigans.  

He even stayed up late one night and made some yummy christmas treats for us to enjoy and give to neighbors/friends.  

Visiting Santa at the Mall.  I was curious to see how Greyson would react.  After pulling on his beard for a while (just making sure he was the real deal) at the last minute he turned around and gave us a big smile!


Christmas Morning the boys came in to wake us up and read the story of Christ's birth in the scriptures.  We then went down to see the spoilage from Santa.  

G&G and Jordan came over to play with our toys and gifts and spend a few hours with us.  Later, we went back to the Johnson's house and had dinner with everyone.  

Oh, I also designed this Christmas card to announce our pregnancy to family and friends.  It was fun to hear peoples reactions after getting their card in the mail! :)

11 months = trouble

This little one being able to crawl and pull himself onto everything makes him one busy boy!  We used our chairs as a makeshift gate at the bottom of the stairs for about a month, until that smart boy learned how to move them out of his way and make the climb up.  

This says it all:  He's so proud of himself!  

One day I noticed it had been a too quite for a while and I couldn't hear his little pitter patter sounds as he crawled around.  As I went around the corner I discovered what was the culprit of his silence. A mouth full of powdered sugar-- yummm!! :)


We had some good snow this winter which allowed us to go out sledding a few times.  The big boys love it!  Greyson was not so much a fan.  He hated being bundled up, and was much happier to be in then warm car.  


November brought playing in the leaves and playing in the snow.  It got COLD here this month, which was only a sign of the cold winter ahead.  

Grey turned 10 months which brought him standing up in the crib and a first tooth.  (bottom two came in about the same time)

Poor baby got a nasty cold and ended up with croup this month too.  I knew he was sick when only after an hour after his first nap he passed out on the floor.  This just doesn't happen with my babies.  I hated seeing him so miserable, but I did think he looked so dang sweet in these pictures.  

Thanksgiving was spent at Ala Grandma and Grandpas with Jeremy's family and Jeff, Emily & Norah.  Jackson was of course in heaven playing football with his Dad, Gpa, and Uncle.  Because if you ask him what Thanksgiving is all about he'll say turkey and football! :)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Visting Chi-town with mi mama!

My mom came to visit for about a week the end of October/first of November.  I know she has been wanting to visit Chicago ever since we moved here, so I decided we needed a day out with just the two of us to explore Chi-town.  I've only been once for a few hours with Justin when we were dating, so I was excited to visit too.

We started the day at the Sear's tower.  This is the 3rd tallest building in the world and the largest in the US.  We went to the top of the skydeck and had a really cool view of all of Chicago.  It's amazing how big this city is!!  

Afterwords we did a.lot! of walking.  We first went to the famous "bean" and took some pictures of ourselves in the reflection.

Next we walked to Navy Pier, which we could have skipped.  It was a pretty cloudy day and because it is the off season the pier was pretty dead.  It started to rain about the time we got there so we hopped in the mall area and had some lunch.  

After the Pier, we crossed the Chicago River and walked part of the magnificent mile.  We walked through a few stores (Crate & Barrel, The American Girl Doll Store, and the Lego Store) and bought some giadonni chocolates.  

If you cant tell, this entire mural was made out of LEGO'S!!  Amazing!!

The oldest standing building in downtown Chicago--the water tower.  This was one of the only original structures that was not destroyed in the great Chicago fire.  

We loved having her visit and miss her when we aren't with her!  Thanks for coming Mom!