Saturday, November 10, 2012

Top Ten Random things from the summer

#1) Our First Garden:
After graduation we moved in temporarily with Justin's parents while searching for our own home.  One of the first things we did there was put ourselves in charge of the garden.
First step was to make it a bit larger.  Justin expanded it and got rid of the big rhubarb plant that they never used.  

Then after rotatilling and getting the soil looking good we planted the rows.  I wanted to make it pretty like my parents and do "hills" which the Johnson's have never done.  Bill was skeptical, but it turned out great! ;) 
Jonah was napping, but Jackson helped put the seeds in the rows with us. 

 Jackson and Grandpa planted and watered the tomato plants together.

Jonah helped Daddy water the rows after he woke up from his nap.

#2) Memorial Day Fun
We went to a campground to BBQ out and play around for a while.  The afternoon was complete with:
Playing football, baseball, and frisbee

Skipping and throwing rocks in the creek

Good eatin' and a cheeto face!

#3) Daddy Son Campout (And uncle and grandpa)

The stake did a fathers and son campout that Justin, Bill, and Jeff took the boys to.  Not sure how much fun Justin had with it, but the boys sure loved it.  And MOM had a good night completely a lone enjoying a chick flick marathon! ;)  

#4) Rockford Air Show

We enjoyed an afternoon at the Air Show with Grandpa. I've never been to an air show, so I thought it was really cool.  We got to explore a lot of big airplanes and watch the cool tricks that the air guys did.  We even got to see a drone (which was being gaurded by an armed soldier) which they say was one in only 3 places in the US who showed a drone at their air shows.  

#5) The boys got used to sharing a room.  

Up until this summer these two (and their parents) have been spoiled enough to have their own rooms.  The Johnson's were so kind to let us take over the basement and we knew that we wanted the boys to start sharing a room when we got into our own home anyway, so we put them in the same room together.  I had no idea how they would end up doing, but the transition went really well for the most part.  Often we found them not only sharing the same room, but sharing the same bed.  They love each other and I am so happy they are such good brothers.  

#6)  Jackson got his first black eye

I woke up one night to Jackson screaming bloody murder.  I went into his room and somehow his nightlight had been removed and his room was pitch black.  He had tried to get out of bed to go potty, but because he couldn't see anything he fell out of the bed instead and smacked his eye on the wood bed frame.  Poor guy had a shiner for a week or so.  

#7) Jamie came to visit

We had a fun week with Jamie and Ella!  I even got to throw her a surprise baby shower.   

#8)  Pool time!!

This summer was H.O.T!!!  We thought we were moving away from Memphis at the perfect time and would miss the southern heat.  Well, it was just as hot in Illinois and there was no rain!  In fact, it got so dry and hot this summer that the grass was so brown at one point.  Well if anyone knows my boys, they love to be outside so Grandma and Grandpa bought them a pool and we spent lots of time in the pool and the sprinklers.  

#9) Jeff and Emily Get Married!

Jeff got engaged to his adorable girlfriend on the 4th of July and they were married in September.  

Jonah and their daughter Norah are the best of friends!  (Who needs their eyes open for a picture, really?!?)

We even had a fun afternoon with the family at Edward's Apple Orchard

Last, but NOT least....
#10) We bought a house and moved! 

We saw the listing for this house quite a few months ago and I just LOVED it.  It was in the area we wanted and I knew it was a gem just by looking at the pictures.  Unfortunately the price was not right. We kept looking and really was having no luck.   I was beginning to think we were going to be living with Justin's parents for way too long.  We kept our eye on this home cause we just knew it was overpriced.  The second it dropped into our price range we jumped on it!  We went and saw it and knew it was meant for us.
We moved in the end of July, and we truly love our new first home.  

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