Sunday, April 6, 2014


November brought playing in the leaves and playing in the snow.  It got COLD here this month, which was only a sign of the cold winter ahead.  

Grey turned 10 months which brought him standing up in the crib and a first tooth.  (bottom two came in about the same time)

Poor baby got a nasty cold and ended up with croup this month too.  I knew he was sick when only after an hour after his first nap he passed out on the floor.  This just doesn't happen with my babies.  I hated seeing him so miserable, but I did think he looked so dang sweet in these pictures.  

Thanksgiving was spent at Ala Grandma and Grandpas with Jeremy's family and Jeff, Emily & Norah.  Jackson was of course in heaven playing football with his Dad, Gpa, and Uncle.  Because if you ask him what Thanksgiving is all about he'll say turkey and football! :)

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Bryce said...

Love seeing your boys reading Buffalo Joe!