Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween 2012

I wasn't as gung-hoe as I normally am for Halloween this year.  My decorations were lacking, I didn't come up with any creative costumes, Justin and I didn't even dress up, and I didn't want the headache of carving pumpkins with kids that really can't carve yet.    

LUCKILY, Jonah and Jackson have an awesome grandma who sent a Halloween package with a pumpkin decorating sticker book.  We did bust those out for FHE one night.  

This was the first year that they really picked what they wanted to be.  Jackson wanted Spiderman and because Jonah didn't want to be left out of the super hero theme he wanted to be Batman.  It made it pretty easy on me. 

Jackson had a Halloween party at preschool and was able to wear his costume to school.  Here are some of the kids in his class.  

He goes to school with three kids from Church so we had to get a group picture of them.  

Jackson LOVED trick or treating this year so much.  He would go and go and go all night if we would have let him.  Jonah was done after we made the rounds around our little block.  We did get in the car and drive a little ways down the neighborhood for more and Jonah really didn't want to.  He went to maybe half of the doors, but otherwise just wanted Justin to hold him.  He said, "I've got lots of Candy" and wanted to get back in the car.  Once we got down the road a ways I had Justin run back and get the car.  When he picked us up Jonah just looked at him and said in a relieved voice, "Thanks Daddy!!"  Jackson on the other hand had a melt down because he wanted to keep going.  :) 

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