Monday, December 17, 2012

My THREE year old!

This year we didn't celebrate Jonah's birthday until the next day for one big reason... my parents were coming to visit!!  We did decorate the morning of his birthday when he woke up, but told him we would do a party and presents the next day.  He was totally fine with it. 

I LOVE this picture of our little family party.  Jonah loved his batman cake and was so happy to have everyone he loves there.  (that smile says it all!)

Singing to him he was so excited looking around at everyone!  

And of course he was excited about this as well! :)

All about Jonah:

1- Jonah was decided to potty train himself about a week before he turned 3.  We had attempted at about 2 1/2 for a week with no success, so we decided to wait awhile longer.  At the beginning of October after much "persuasion" from Justin I decided to take the plunge.  He did okay for about 2 days but lo and behold he ended up getting sick with a yucky nasty cold/cough and started to go downhill.  I still kept it up for about a week and then realized that it wasn't working because he wasn't feeling good (poor guy!).  I put him back in diapers for about 2 weeks.  Once he got back in diapers he kept telling us that he needed to poop before he would poop in his diaper and we kept taking him to the toilet to do his duty.  He rarely pooped in his diapers that whole two weeks.  He was feeling much better and so we decided to try underwear again and he basically got it down in a day all on his own.  I was so thrilled!  

2- LOVES Diego and Dora.  He was at a friends house putting together a Diego puzzle.  It had a pictures of animals and he was naming all of them "This is a sloth.  This is a green-eyed tree frog.  This is a humpback whale."  I had never heard him do that before and it cracked me up that he was describing them with such details.

3-  Isn't quite in love with sports as his brother.  We signed him up for a little basketball class through the park district and he didn't really love it.  I think most of it was because he is so little and he got discouraged because he couldn't make baskets and doesn't know how to dribble very well.  I asked him if he wanted to try soccer and he just said, "Not now."  We are fine with that, but we do want to explore around and try things out to see what his interests are.

4- He likes his scooter, plasma car, and bike a lot.  He is really starting to love doing puzzles and enjoys coloring and drawing.  He has known all his colors for a long time, but has a really hard time with his letters.
He also seems to have more of an imagination than Jackson does.  He plays with his "guys" and things better than Jackson does.

5- Is my sweet-aholic.  He LOVES treats and sugar.  It's kind of a battle to keep him away from them during the day.  He is more picky with his eating than Jackson and doesn't eat big meals at all.  He's still a little tiny guy and I love his littleness!!  

6- He's loveable and happy and a joy to be around. He loves to be with someone and doesn't play too independently on his own, unless someone is at least in the room with him.  He gives the best hugs and kisses and says "I love you so much" a lot.  He's just a sweet heart and this momma can't get enough of the boy! 


Whitney Blake said...

I can't believe Jonah is 3!! WOW! I can still remember when you called to tell us you were expecting.. that seemed like it was just yesterday. He is sure a cutie pie, I am glad he had a great birthday!

Annie and Jonny said...

Jonah is so cute! They grow too fast! I am going to have to steal your batman cake idea for Hy's next bday. Very cute, and simple. My style!!

Andrews Family said...

Man, Ella and Jonah should be BFFs they have lots in common!